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Yom ha-vest, what bedikas necessary when on birth control


On the yomei havest, what bedikas do you need to do? Is it just one bedika after the time period finishes?
Do the restrictions of the yomei havest apply when a woman is on birth control?
Thank you very much


She should preferably do the bedikos during the onah period, and not wait until after the time period finishes. It is common custom to do two bedikos. If the onah is during the day, when she wakes up and before sunset. If it is at night then one after nightfall ,and one when she wakes up in the morning. ( Be’er Moshe 2-57, Badei Hashulchan 184-13)

It is controversial if she has to make bedikos etc., while on birth control. Many poskim say that until she misses her period three times, that she should still make bedikos etc.


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