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Eggs left overnight


If I put 3 cracked eggs away overnight in a cup with a bit of salt and oil, and covered the cup, what’s the
din? Am I allowed to use them?


You are allowed to use them. The salt/oil is what makes it permitted, because now it is a mixture. If it wouldn’t of had oil or salt, even if it would have been covered it would be an issue.

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Nidda 17a, Pri Chadash Y:D 115-9, Aruch Hashulchan Y:D115-22, Smak 111, Kaf hachayim Y:D 115-93, Tzitz Eliezer 18-46.


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  1. Is this true even if I did not mix it? I just had 3 whole eggs in a cup, sprinkled some salt and drizzled a bit of oil,
    but I did not mix it. Is it still called a mixture?

    1. As far as I know, this applies even if it isn’t mixed.

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