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Spelt puffed cake


Question regarding a spelt cake that I bought recently. They are cooked and appear just like rice cakes, but the only two ingredients are spelt and salt. Here is a link to it –

Is the bracha rishona mezonos and achrona m’ein shalosh? If so, can one be קובע סעודה with it on Shabbos at kiddush?


Since the spelt cakes were cooked and they stick to each other the bracha will be mezonos, and mein shalosh. Regarding kiddush they can be used as a mezonos in regard to kiddush b’makom seuda. (Since it is cooked it will not be a kevius seuda regarding having to bentch, therefore even if you ate a lot of it you won’t have to bentch)


M:B 273-25, Shmiras Shabbos Khilchoso 54-22.

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