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Peeling garlic on Shabbos


There is a way to peel garlic. You place garlic in a closed jar or canister and shake the canister. The garlic skin loosens and gets peeled more easily or peeled. Can this be done on SHABBOS/ YOM TOV.


It is permitted to peel the garlic in this manner right before the meal the same way it is permitted to peel garlic the regular way right before the meal. The fact that it gets peeled easier, is not an issue, as the container is not a object designated for sorting like a sifter etc. It shold be noted that there is an opinion that questions whether peeling the outside peel of the garlic is dosh. However most poskim permit it.

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Rema 321-19, Eshel Avrohom 319-8, Iglei Tal Dosh 11, Igros Moshe O:CH 1-125.

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