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Lashon hara to share Yelp Reviews with business partner


Hi if there’s a Jewish owned company, and your partner wants to make a significant purchase from them, and you happen to look on Yelp and see that there many many bad reviews, I know you’re not allowed to believe the reviews, but if your partner keeps asking why you don’t want to buy from this company, are you allowed to show/link them to the reviews or is this considered lashon hara/rechilus? I know there’s a toeles in preventing possibly harming oneself financially, but the it’s not first-hand knowledge so I’m just curious what you should do in the situation


In this specific case it is allowed. There is no difference whether you show him the reviews or tell him.

All the best



Chafetz Chaim Klal 8:10.

Chafetz Chaim Klal 1:8 and Be’er Mayim Chaim 1:14.


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