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Asking non-Jew to drive to get something


if something was forgotten for the Shabbos event, is the goy allowed to drive to the warehouse and bring it, are you allowed to ask him to bring it indirectly


If the non-Jew could theoretically bring it without desecrating Shabbos  (i.e. the warehouse is not outside of the eiruv etc), even if he chooses to drive because the warehouse is not within a reasonably walking distance, you can hint to him by saying that you forgot the food in the warehouse. If the non-Jew cannot bring it without desecrating Shabbos, it is not permitted, as even if he went on his own accord you would not be allowed to derive any benefit from it. However even if you would be allowed to indirectly ask him, there is another issue of benefitting from the work that he did for you. See the following post   regarding this issue

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Mishna Berura 276:27


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