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Minyan with only ten men


I was in a shul with exactly ten people and four already davened. I was of those that had not davened. However, I am makpid to daven with asara mispallelim, as numerous poskim hold it is not tefilla b’tzibbur unless there are asara mispallelim.

What should I do? Am I obligated to daven there?
It would be very uncomfortable for me to tell those people that I cannot daven with them, as the rav is meikel (even l’chatchila) and the other five people are chavushe people with long beards and they are being meikel (for whatever reason). What is the best thing for me to do?


If they don’t have anyone else to complete the minyan, you should join them, so that they will have a minyan. True you will be losing out with regard to davening, however doing chesed is also important, and as a one time situation, this is what i would suggest.

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