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Putting matzah in soup on Shabbos


If someone likes to crumble matzah into a bowl of hot soup on shabbos can it be done on SHABBOS? The soup is taken from the pot on the BLECH and put into a bowl, then MATZAH is crumpled into the soup. If a ladle is used will it make a difference?What if the soup is transformed from pot to a bowl then to another bowl?


If a ladle is used to dish up from the pot to the bowl, you are allowed to put matza in the bowl, The reason is because in this case (i.e. regarding bishul of matza/bread) a ladle is considered an additional klei (כלי), and therefore the bowl of soup is considered a klei shlishi. However, this is only if the ladle was not left inside the pot of soup for longer than necessary to take the soup out of the pot. However, if the ladle was left in the pot of soup for longer than that (the exact halachic definition is unclear), it would have the same halachic status of the pot and would not be considered an additional klei.

The above halacha applies even if there are pieces (davar gush), e.g. a matza ball or carrot, inside the soup.

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Mishna Berura 318:45.

Regarding pieces inside the soup (davar gush)- Igros Moshe O:C 4 74, seif katan 5 is lenient with regards to bishul achar bishul with gush. Although our case is bishul achar afiah with gush which is not necessarily the same, HaRav Gans shilta’s opinion is that the halacha is the same according to the Igros Moshe.


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