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When does a night worker say birkas hatorah


Hi, I have several questions:
I work all night basicly every night in a bakery all night long and sleep by day, lefi what I remember learning in kollel the basis for a person being awake all night being able to make birkas hashchar is based on a rebbi akiva eiger who says mistama you werent michaven in bircas ahava rabba and michayei meisim, in my case when I wake up from sleep I anyway make the second bracha of bircas hatorah knowing that Ill be awake in the morning after alos anyway, can I still make them in the morning anyway?(obviously the svara wouldnt apply bt elokai nishama since Im not michaven in marriv to motzei). In addaition I remeber asking my rosh yeshiva once about a similar case and he told me that if I sleep in the morning I can make brachos lefi haseder when I wake up, I seem to remember a gra like that as well(dont remember where off the top of my head), would that apply for this case as well?
2) Due to the afformentioned I usually am makpid to always simply daven neitz after work even if it means davening without teffilin since theres a chashash gedola miod that If I go home first Ill kipushuto be incapbale of davening properly and it happened so far at least twice that I physically couldnt get up the koach to daven once I sat down in my house(hence the kabbala), my question is about teffilin, if I have a lot dirt and grime on my arms and at least some in my hair is that a chatzitza for teffilin in the event that I finish work in time to daven with them? What if its either shower first or make a minyan?
3) I know if your awake the whole night your nikra choleh and its muttar to eat before davening, my question is does this din change if your a night worker or are you assur to eat 30m before alos, bearing in mind that by the time I Finish work im exausted sometimes to the point of just collapsing in bed.
4) A final point to consider is that I suffer from mild OCD and therefore have a lot of kulas I rely on in dealing with pretty much anything that stresses me past a certain point so im not looking for any chumras here, they pretty much would simply affect my shalom bayis,
Thanks so much and a grossa hatzlacha for the website, its great =)
P.S. I seem to remember that your beis horah has a phone number but ive lost it, would you mind including it, Thanks



1) You should say the whole bircas hatorah once, either before you go to sleep in the morning or when you wake up.

2) “Dirt and grime” is a chatziza regarding tefilin. Therefore you should shower before putting on tefilin, even if you won’t have a minyan when you daven.

3) There is no halacha that states that staying up the whole night gives a person the status of a choleh regarding eating before davening. However, the Shulchan Aruch states that if being hungry or thirsty will ruin your kavanah, you are considered a choleh and you can eat or drink before davening. I assume that this is the case here. However, if possible, it would be better to drink a coffee instead.

The Beis Hora’ah deals primarily with questions in Choshen Mishpat. There is an option to ask questions in Orach Chaim and Yoreh Dayah between 1:30-2:00 p.m. (Israel time), however it is better to email.

All the best


1) Mishna Berura 47:28

2) Shulchan Aruch O:C 27:4, and Mishna Berura 27:14, see also Y:D 198:12

3) Shulchan Aruch O:C 89:4


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