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Finishing Shemona Esrei before kedusha


Due to different circumstances, I often need to daven in a minyan that goes at a quicker pace than me. I know that if one starts later than the tzibbur and they won’t be able to finish quiet shmone esrei, they are required to wait until chazoras hashatz to say it with the chazan. 1. At what point is it forbidden to start quiet shmoneh esrei if you are behind the chazan (if, for example, I always take 8 minutes to daven and the shatz always starts chazoras hashatz after 4 minutes, am I never allowed to start after everyone else – even if I begin a few seconds after everyone else)? 2. I daven nusach sefard and the tzibbur is davening ashkenaz. If I am saying my shmoneh esrei with the chazan, in what nusach should I be saying it in? Do I say ledor vedor instead of atah kodosh? Kedusha in their nusach? Bircas kohanim?


Thank you for your question.

  1. A person that davens slower than the tzibbur, and he knows that even if he starts davening together with everyone else he will still not finish shemona esrei before the chazzan gets up to kedusha may still daven, if he starts with together with the tzibbur. According to R’ C. Kanievsky shlit”a, ( brought in Eishei Yisroel 33 ftnt. 25) it is considered starting to gether with the tzibbur as long as there are still ten people that have not completed saying the first bracha ( Magen Avrohom).
  2. A person that is davening shemona esrei together with the chazzan says is shemona esrei the way the chazzan does. He does say l’dor v’dor, together with the chazzan. Regarding birkas kohanim it is controversial, some say that it can be said, while a number of other poskim say not to. Regarding davening Ashkenaz if the chazzan is davening Sefard, according to R’ S. Z. Auerbach zt”l the person should say with the chazzan word for word even if it is in a different nusach. It should be noted that on a taanis when the chazzan says a special bracha of aneinu, the private person saying it should not say it together with the chazzan.

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