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אונאה selling masks


Just came from a Dr. Office which requires everyone to wear masks. If someone doesn’t have a mask the receptionist will sell him/her a mask for $1.00. I checked online and the price of the mask is 20 cents.
So the office is selling a mask for 5 times its current value. Is this Considered אונאה?



Thank you for your question.

The price that you saw online, most probably was for buying masks in bulk, 10 or 50 at a time, then the price is cheaper, however when purchasing a single mask usually the price is higher. Secondly, even if they do sell masks online at that price it will not be אונאה, because it is possible that the price of masks, when entering a doctor’s office or other private establishment that insist on wearing a mask is higher than the price online. אונאה goes according to the price or stores in a similar situation in the area.  Additionally, the price of masks is known to everyone.

Best wishes



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