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Switching donation from one organization to another


B”H Thank you for your help.
Regarding donating clothing- I said out loud that I was planning to donate clothing to organization A, but their policy of picking up donations is currently not in effect (and I do not know if/when they will reinstate this). I would like to donate the same items instead to organization B. Do I need to annul a vow to do so, or can I simply donate to organization B (without any obligation to donate to organization A going forward…)? Thanks!


Thanks for your question.

You are allowed to donate the clothing to the second organization. It is not considered changing from one tzedakah to the other, since both organizations ae ding the same thing, therefore it is considered the same cause, and permitted.

Best wishes



Conversation with R’ Y. Feinhandler, author or B’orach tzedakah

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