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Lights that need to be turned on for a simcha


If the simcha will be ruined because items are missing or the warmer was switched off or the light are off and the bal simcha be embarrassed shouldn’t we apply the klal of shvus dshvus bmokom kovod habrius thus being more lenient regarding



The lights might or might not be d’orayso, depending on the type of lights. However, as I already wrote to you, that in all probability, the gentile will need to turn the lights on in order to set up for the simcha. Regarding the warmer, the problem here is that it isn’t a shvus but a d’orayso, regarding that I would advise you to speak to your local Rov, about this as it is questionable, if we can permit this in your situation.

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O:CH 276-2, M:B 267- 24,25, 302-36.

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