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Follow up to original hefsek question


Hi my original question was answered but I need to clarify my situation. I wrote my question on day 2 but my shailah is about day 1.
Due to the change in the clocks this past Sunday I forgot to do my evening bedika in time before it got dark. It was day 1 of my 7 clean days. I’m pretty sure I did one in the morning but I cannot remember 100%. I have no real reason to assume I didn’t and feel like I am second-guessing myself due to the fact I knowingly missed at least one bedika on day 1. So perhaps my mind is playing tricks. In general I get very nervous and OCD about anything niddah related. I’m wondering if i should trust my gut feeling that I most likely did one in the morning and continue on or restart counting from Monday night. Thanks.



Thank you for clarifying your question.

You should continue counting from where you are up to and not restart.

All the best




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