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Calling police on jew


Kavod Harav I love in artzot habrit America- I live in a dead end street where only residents may park. However at the end of the block is an old couple whose children come to visit them and park in middle of the street blocking all that are parked on the street making us have to come get them to move their car- my question is is it allowed to call the authorities on them to issue a summons for parking illegally? (Please note the accepted rule of the block is everyone gets one spot unless otherwise worked out)


Assuming that it is illegal to park there and not that the residence of the block decided that no one can park there, if you warned the person that if they block you again you will call the police, it is permitted. This is because the person is right now hurting you by parking his car there, and causing you a difficulty, that you have to get out and ask them to move it etc. However, calling the police to give a ticket should only be used as a last resort. If you can move his car physically, by pushing it with your car, and it will damage him less than him getting a summons, that it preferred, since it is hurting him less.

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  1. Thank you rabbi, the only thing is they constantly do it saying that they will take a chance to get caught

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