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Dropping off clothes at the cleaners on Friday


Can a person drop off clothes to non-jewish cleaners on Friday that will be ready the following week ie Monday or Wed LECHOTHILLA? Can it be right before Sunset or much earlier on Friday? PLEASE LICHITCHILLA.


It is permitted l’chatchila to drop off a suit at the dry cleaners, so that it will be ready some tie after shabbos, when you give the person ample time to do the work after shabbos. The fact that he did it on Shabbos itself, was his decision, and has nothing to do with you. The reason for this is because the dry cleaners is considered like a contractor, hired to do the job of cleaning your suit. Since he decided to do it on shabbos on his own property, is his business, and permitted.

Have a good Shabbos


M:B 247-3.

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