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Aliya while needing to use the restroom


If one is a Kohen or a Levi, and the only one in the shul avaliable to receive an Aliya, but needs to use the restroom but is excessively uncomfortable doing so in the shul, what should one do? Accept the Aliya without a bracha?

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It depends on how badly you need the bathroom. If it is not that urgent and you can manage to hold yourself back for 72 minutes then, b’dieved you can take the aliya. Similar to a chazan who can say chazoras hashatz even if he needs the bathroom, but can wait 72 minutes, that for kavod habriyos he can say chazoras hashatz. However if you can’t wait 72minutes, you can’t get the aliya, the same way the chazzan would not be allowed to daven that way. If you have such a need make sure to go out of shul before you are called up to avoid an embarrassing situation.

The fact that the person is a kohen or levi is the same as a Yisroel, that is called up to the torah. A person that can go to the torah is obligated to do so if he called up for an aliya, and if the only kohen or levi can’t go up, they will call a “bimkom kohen” or ask the kohen who received the last aliya to take he place of the levi who can’t come.

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Biur Hacha 92 D:H Hoyo tzorich, Nekiyus Vkavod B’tefilah 5-10,19.

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