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How to pray hallel, it’s times, plus is meaning:


How to pray hallel? I’ve heard to pray on Rosh Hodesh. What other time periods? In addition, do you pray twice Halllel (After once the morning prayer and 2nd after the afternoon prayer) or only one time after the Morning prayer? Can you also describe the definition of hallel, I’d to understand a little of its meaning of beauty. Thank you.


You can find the hallel prayer in most siddurim. Hallel literally means praise, and it contains a number of chapters from Tehillim, where David praises Hashem. We say Hallel on special days, when we want to give extra praise to Hashem . We say Hallel every Rosh Chodesh, once a day, preferably after davening Shemona Esrei in the morning. We also say Hallel on Yom Tov, and Chanukah.

In order to understand the meaning of the words, it is a good idea to get a siddur with English translation, and review it before saying Hallel. This way you will have a greater appreciation of what you are saying. It is important to note that we say a slightly longer version of Hallel, and you  can follow the instructions in the siddur.

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