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Without shochet, without kosher meat



Shalom, I have a Jewish mamash friend, who lives in a place that doesn’t have kosher meat, as there is no shochet there where he lives, and buying meat from outside the city would be very expensive, in this case he knows a little about the laws of shechitah, melichah and a little bit of treifot, in which case that person can slaughter a small animal like a sheep or a ofot for himself and his family to eat? or it can also slaughter for the community that does not have shochet ?


A person should not be shecting unless they have learnt the halachos of shecita, and the practical aspect of shechita, has been tested on it, and has gotten a ksav that he is eligible to shecht. A person that shechts, and he doesn’t do it properly, even if he basically knows the laws, will most probably cause not only the meat, but all of the utensils of the people eating the meat to be rendered trief. Therefore if he shechts for the community it will make more problem then it will be solving.

Even if it expensive to but meat from out of the city, investing to have kosher meat, is very important, and you won/t lose out because of it.

May Hashem help your community get kosher meat, in the proper way.

Best wishes


Rema Y:D 1-1.

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