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Beracha on cereal and milk, ice cream sandwich


When you are eating cereal & milk, are two Brochos made? Which comes first? What about an ice cream sandwich? Thanks.



When eating cereal and milk, only a beracha on the cereal is made since the milk is considered secondary.

Regarding the beracha on an ice cream sandwich, it depends on your intent. If your intent is to eat the ice cream, and you like the sandwich part because it enhances the flavor of the ice cream (similar to the idea of eating cookies and cream ice cream), then you only make a shehakol. However, most likely you enjoy eating the cookie because you like the flavor of the cookie, not just as a means of enhancing the flavor of the ice cream. In that case you should first make a mezonos on the cookie and then a shehakol on the ice cream.

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Igros Moshe O:C 4:43


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