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Toveling with a sticker on


My wife and I got married a few years ago and received shabbos china as a gift. All of the dishes have really stuck on stickers that are difficult to remove. We originally spent some time and got a few off and toveled just a few plates and bowls. We never did anymore because of how hard it is to remove them (even with goo gone). Right now most dishes are still in the boxes they came in and are taking up space. Are we able to tovel the remainder with the stickers? They are on the bottom unseen when used and neither of us cares that they are there.


Thank you for your question. The rule with removing stickers, is that if it is sticker that you would mind it being there, then it is a chatzitza (separation between the dish and the water). However if you specifically want the sticker there, i.e. a fancy type of crystal that has meant to display the companies name, or if you don’t care at all if it stays there permanently, then it doesn’t have to be removed. Therefore, in your situation, where you don’t care that the sticker stays there, it would not be a chatzitza. It is preferable that you try to remove it, if you can. If you tried and it doesn’t go then you can leave it.

Use your new dishes well.

Best wishes



Shulchan Aruch Y:D 12013, Chai Ha’Levi 1:57, Poskim.

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