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Zera on Blanket


Hello Rav,

I have been very nervous lately and it has caused me to not be able to function as I normally do.

I have a blanket that has touched a bed sheet that had Zera, the blanket is now on new sheets and the zera is probably dry. However I sleep with this blanket, am I making everything I touch now have zera such as my skin, my clothing etc. I feel as if I cannot go on with my day and cannot pray until I clean and not touch anything else.

I have seen your response claiming once it is dry it is not an issue but I am having this problem re-occur in my mind and I feel as if everything I do is wrong for the most part.

Please if you can help me thank you


As you yourself wrote that once it is dry it is not an issue, even more than that , that something dry will not spread from the sheet to your blanket and then to your skin and clothing. What you have here is not a religious issue but more of a medical one, and you might need to take something to calm yourself down.

Best wishes

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