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Business transaction



Many years ago, while I was a student, I had a business transaction that I’m not sure was ok from a halachic standpoint. And if it’s not ok, is there anything I should do about it now?

I was approached by someone to do some work. At the time, we spoke about compensation, and if I remember correctly, we didn’t agree on a price, but they said a certain price was more than they wanted to spend. They gave me the work to do, I completed it, and we still had not agreed on a price. I sent them an invoice based on hours worked which amount to around the same amount they had previously said was more than they wanted to spend. They paid the full amount.

Thank you so much.


You don’t have to worry about it. They knew before you started working what you are asking, and they also paid it, therefore they knew about it and changed their minds about disagreeing on the price.

Best wishes

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