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lekavod shabbos kodesh – shaimos?



We print a weekly list of things to do for Shabbos and at the top of the page its says “lekavod shabbos kodesh”. 1) Is it a problem to throw out the paper?

2) would it be better if we dont use that as the header?


Thank you for your question.

You may throw out the paper and you don’t have to abstain from writing in as he header on other papers. Although the gemora says that Shabbos is one of the names of Hashem, nevertheless since right now you are not writing it in such a context it is not shaimos. Similar to the gemora that says that “Shalom” and “Emes” are names of Hashem, and if someone writes these words, the paper doesn’t have to go into shaimos since it wasn’t written in that context.

May we all merit to be mekadesh shem shomayim.



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