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washing after bathroom


Hello, is it okay to brush teeth in the bathroom and then get dressed before washing after exiting the bathroom? or does the washing have to be immediate?

I brushed, got dressed and then washed and wonder if the clothes are now impure? (While doing it, I feared it may be wrong but did it anyway) If this was wrong, should the clothes and sneakers, etc. be washed?


You can brush your teeth and get dressed in the bathroom, but after using the bathroom it is preferred that you wash your hands right away. The reason for this is that there is a ruach ra ( a spiritually evil force) on a person’s hands after using the bathroom, therefore we want to get rid of it as soon as we can. A person may touch clothing or holes of the body after using the bathroom, and there certainly is no need to wash the clothing that was touched.

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O:CH 4-18, M:B 4-38, 40, Yabia Omer 3-1 (11).

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