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Niddah around house


Hello Rav,

I asked you a similar question but it is now in regard to other substances. Again as mentioned I have been having thee thoughts over and over in my mind.

In the case of females and vaginal substances can the same concept of zera be applied where you mentioned where it is dry it is no longer an issue? Even in the case of niddah?

I physically cannot see any of the substances anywhere but this is a situation where maybe one didn’t wash hands after touching such a substance and touched other things go around the house. I now feel like I can not touch things like Siddurim etc.

Again this is a situation weighing heavily on me,

Please let me know thank you


You have nothing to worry about. Especially that you are only nervous maybe you touched something dry, that even if you would have touched it would not make anything else tameh.

Best wishes

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  1. Perhaps an Orthodox psychologist can help with the worrying.

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