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Cholent on Shabbos


  1. If someone’s cholent was burning and fully cooked and they took the insert out of the crockpot and while leaning against the counter, they put in cold water and returned the insert to the crockpot. So although they violated an issur from the Torah. I Heard the Mishnah birurah quotes the Vilma Gaon that bedived, you can eat the cholent. Is this true and where is the source.
  2. Secondly, if someone removed the crockpot insert, it was fully cooked, and while holding it scooped some of it out and put the insert back into crockpot, and there was no silver foil or anything acting as a blech inside the crockpot. Can you now eat the cholent? Please explain and provide sources.


Doing this is absolutely forbidden on Shabbos, because you are cooking the uncooked water, and the cholent may not be eaten on shabbos. The Vilna Gaon that you are referring to is brought in Biur Halacha at the beginning of siman 318, that when a person mistakenly commits an issur d’rabonon that it is permitted to eat the food on Shabbos. Your case is not merely an issue of a melacha d’orayso, therefore everyone would agree that the cholent may not be eaten on Shabbos.

Regarding your second question, what you are describing is when a person mistakenly did chazora on Shabbos עבר וחזר)). – If the halachos of chazora were violated, (in a way that all poskim say is forbidden) even if it was done by accident, the food is not permitted until after Shabbos and motzei Shabbos until the time it takes to do benefit from the action ((בכדי שיעשו. The reason why returning food to the fire is more stringent is because unlike shehiya, when doing chazara a forbidden action was done. This applies even if the food is completely cooked, since chazara even applies to fully cooked foods. However if the food was cooked to the point that returning it to the fire provides absolutely no benefit to us, and is only causing it to dry out more, (מצטמק ורע לו), and the food was warm so that we are not benefiting from the heat of the fire, it may be eaten, since there is no benefit from the forbidden action.

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  1. Regarding the first question, why is the Cholent forbidden if it was already 100% cooked? Is it because the water goes into the Cholent and you end up “eating” it when you eat the cholent?

    1. The water that he cooked made the cholent edible, and he is also eating the water.

      1. Thank you for your answer. I understand that there is 2 reasons to forbid the Cholent, and it would be forbidden even if the Cholent was edible beforehand because of the “eating” the water.

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