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Contract enforceability


Thank you very much for your help.
Regarding terms and conditions that are frequently a condition of sale, if the seller has in the contract that the buyer “agrees to the laws of the country of England courts for ruling in disputes should they arise…” Is there any prohibition to continue to purchase here and agree to these terms? (I ask because if there is a conflict, we go to Beis Din…however this is a large international company and while I am not sure if they are Jewish owners, I don’t have any indication that they are…would it be ok to agree to these terms as they indicate any dispute is to be handled in gentile courts of the country of origin of the seller {England} ) Thank you. If this may be answered privately I would appreciate it.


 You don’t really have a choice because the gentile company will not go to a bais din. Therefore, you are not violating the prohibition to go to court by taking a gentile to court.

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