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Giving Maaser from money I receive from my parents


My parents who are not religious support me and my two children completely (I am divorced). I have certain health issues and right now am completely dependent on them. I know my father is not in favor of donating ten percent of income to charity in general bc he has expressed concern about it in the past. He gives income to me trusting that I use it for our basic living expenses and has not made any specific stipulations so far. Am I supposed to give some of the money to maaser? Sometimes I donate 18 or 36 nis to various causes, and I am afraid he would not approve, is this considered stealing? Should I ask him if I can donate some percentage of money and if so how much? What is the right thing to do here ?


You should not give maaser against your parents will. This is because your parents gave you the money and don’t want you to give tzedakah with it, therefore you have to obey their request. As a side point since right now you are tight up for money, and don’t have enough if your own money, you are not obligated to give maaser. If you ask him and he agrees, then you are still not obligated, however you would be allowed to do so. IY”H your financial situation will get better and when you will start giving maaser again, make sure to say bli neder.

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Sefer Chassidim 329, Igros Moshe Y:D 2-112, Borach Tzedakah 9-30 in the name of R’ N. Karelitz z”tl.

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