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Niddah and Substances


Hello Rav,

I am not sure if my last question came through. I am sorry if this is a repeated question.

I have asked before about the concept of bodily substances (Zera, female veginal substances) and the concept of them being dry leaves no issue. However, I just want to clarify if this is the same concept for blood from Niddah. So in the case that maybe inadequate/no hand washing and there is no visible blood anywhere is there an issue of maybe touching something that one has touched ( that may have had blood/substances) and touching other things, again at this point there being no visible signs of it.

Thank you Rav


Im yirtza hashem moshiach will come soon, and then it will be an issue for certain things. However nowadays the halachos of tuma and tahara regarding touching tameh substances is not really applicable. Other than that, regarding the halachos of not davening¬† when one’s hand are not clean, I am not aware that if some of this blood gets on a person’s hands that it makes them tameh.

Best wishes

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  1. Perhaps an Orthodox Psychiatrist can help with the worrying about making things Tamei.

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