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Toveling 3 gallon glass water jars


we have large three gallon glass jars that we use as a water source (rather than tap water) – we unscrew the cap and fill it at a store and then re-use them on an ongoing basis. They were sold for this purpose without water in them. Do we need to tovel these items?


Assuming that the water is being used for drinking, yes it has to be toveled since they are made of glass. When toveling the jars, be careful that the whole jar is inside the water and that there are no air pockets inside the jar. You can get rid of the air pockets, by inserting the jar, at an angle, so that it fills with water, and that air doesn’t get trapped inside. When toveling the jars say “al tevilas keilim”.

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Y:D 120- 1,3.

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