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Eating on Shabbat


1. If eating ice cream on Shabbat: would licking a cone or scooping it out to eat it be “smoothing”?

2 If it has chocolate chips and one takes some bites without chips (taking small scoops around them to save the chips for the end) is that “separating?”

3. Can one save the favorite bites for last from a late even if it means eating around them at first?


  1. According to the Rema (321-19), smoothing (mimareach) does not apply to food, since it can be eaten without smoothing it out. He does say that it is preferable not to smoothen out food for aesthetic purposes, however that is not what is being done when a person licks an ice cream cone.
  2. It is called separating , but it is type of separating that its permitted on shabbos. When a person has two types in a mixture and wants both of them, it is permitted to seperate them if they will be used for that meal.  (See O:CH 319-3) Additionally here you are taking the good, because you want to eat the ice cream now ( even though you want to save the chocolate chips for the end, you still want to eat the ice cream now.
  3. ¬†Nothing wrong with it… enjoy!

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