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Sending a link to a not tzanua picture


My father would like to buy me, his daughter, an exercise machine. Unfortunately, he is not knowledgeable/careful with halacha including what he sees.
I chose a machine and he would like me to send him the link so he can research and/or purchase it. However, I don’t know whether to send a link to a webpage which has a picture of a woman exercising which is not proper.  Is that something I should/can do?
Even if I just tell him the name, I know that he will look it up himself; and it is almost certain that he will find a page which shows the same or a similar picture. Does that make it better?
I don’t want to “shter” him if its not neccesary but at the same time don’t want to be machshil him by sending something that I shouldn’t even if its not “direcitly”
Thank you very much.


It is permitted for you to send your father the picture. The reason is the following. The reason why a man may not look at pictures of immodestly dressed women is because it will cause him to have improper thoughts. As you write that unfortunately your father doesn’t keep halacha, therefore he has seen many, many such pictures, and at his point, your sending him the picture is not going to cause him the improper thoughts. This does not in any way mean that a person that has seen a lot of improper thigs that from now on it is permitted to look at pictures of improperly dressed women, however regarding your obligation, sending the picture will not be lifnei iver.

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