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I am staying with my mother in law in their hoilday house. My wife will have to return to the city. I am I able to stay with her in the house without my wife? is their a probelm with yichud?


Thank you for your question.

Eessentially it is yichud for you to be secluded in a home with your mother in law, and unless you have one of the heterim of yichud you may not stay there. If however you father in law, (or your mother in laws husband) is there, then it is permitted. According to a number of poskim even if your brother in law (your mother in law’s son) who is over 8 years old is there, it is permitted. This is because both a spouse and a son are a shomer when they are sleeping, which would prevent yichud. If any of these scenarios are not the case, let me know.

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PIschei Teshuva E:H 22-2, Yosef Ometz 22, Dvar Halacha 8-7, Toras hayichud 8-18,21 ftnt. 22, MInchas Ish 11-18.

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