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Egged bus missing stops


שלום וברכה,

Occasionally when boarding an egged bus the Rav Kav processing system is down and the driver waives you onto the bus. I assume the correct thing to do is to pay twice on the next bus ride. Recently I was boarded a bus with the Rav Kav system down. I intended to pay on an upcoming ride, though after the driver skipped bus stops and took alternative routes to avoid crowded bus stops due to covid19 and dropped me off way out of my way I had a change of heart. What is the din?


You do not have to pay the bus company. As far as I know, as of this writing, the Israeli mInistry of transportation has said that if a bus does not provide a means for you to pay, i.e. the rav kav machines aren’t working, that you don’t have to pay. If you want to you may but you have no obligation to do so. therefore especially if you feel you didn’t get he right service, there is no need for you to pay them

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