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Are Tefillin Muktzeh on Shabbos


1. Are Tefillin Muktzeh on Shabbos
2. Are you allowed to sit on the hood of a car on Shabbos.
Please explain with sources.
Thank you


  1. We do not wear tefillin on Shabbos therefore they are considered a kli shemilachto l’issur, and may be moved l’tzorech gufo umikomo. You can find this halacha in Rema O:CH 308-4, M:B 308-24.
  2. It is permitted to sit on the hood of a car, however if sitting on the hood will activate the alarm system, then it is not allowed. The reason for this is because a car is a kli shemilachto l’issur, and it is permitted to move it ltzorech gufo – for a non melacha use. Sitting on it is a permitted use. See O:CH 308-3, Shulchan Shlomo 308-25.

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