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Book referencing “G-d”


May one read a secular book containing the word “G-d” (fully written out) in the bathroom? Is this book consider at all a dvar be’kedusha?

Thank you very much


Thank you for your question.

The book itself, being a secular book is not a davar shebkidusha, and may be broughtinto the bathroom, and if you find Hashem’s name written on one of the pages, if you turn the pages over onto it, then the Name is considered covered.

Aside for this, regarding the word itself, it might depend on the context that it is written. For example, if it is a story book, and one of the people will say “oh my G-d” the person didn’t mean to refer to Hashem at all, and that name has no kedusha to it. However, if it referring to the one who created the world then according to numerous authorities it would have kedusha.

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Ginzei Hakodesh 4-5, in the name of R’ Eliyashiv zt”l, Halichos Shlomo (Tefillah) 20-ftnt. 33 regarding bringing a dollar, which says G-d on it, into the bathroom. Also see Shevet Halevi 6-8, Mishne Halachos 5-117. Also see Ginzei Hakodesh 4-8 regarding taking a newspaper that one was not assuming that it would have Hashem’s name written in it, but found it on one of the pages, that he should turn the pages so that that page is now covered. (A newspaper that has torah topics etc. should not be brought into the bathroom).

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