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Borer Questions


  1. Fish is served with a toothpick inside (to be used to take it from the serving plate instead of fork). Is it borer to take out the toothpick?
  2. When peeling an orange on Shabbos, some of the peel fell back on the orange. Can I take it off or should I take the orange from the peel?



  1. It is not borer to take the toothpick out of the fish, no different than removing a fork from your fish when you are eating it or serving. The fork and fish are not considered a ta’aroves (mixture) since they are not attached to each other. The two are also not considered mixed because of their proximity to each other, because they are evidently separate, and only two items.
  2. You should take the orange away from the peel, and you should avoid touching the peel. This is since the peel on now usable as you are not planning to eat it, therefore it is now muktza and should not be directly touched.

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