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Going to enjoy Xmas lights


Is it mutar to enjoy xmas lights, and specifically to go a drive thru light attraction? (Holmdel,nj has Magic of lights “Magic of Lights is a dazzling, drive-through holiday lights experience featuring favorite holiday scenes and characters of the season using the latest LED technology and digital animations. Experience Magic of Lights from the comfort and safety of your own car as you wind through the sparkling path of New Jersey’s favorite holiday tradition.”)


We should not be enjoying lights that are celebrating avoda zara. A person that has no choice but to see the lights and has no intention to enjoy them, that is one thing, but to go there specifically to enjoy their holiday, and to join in their celebration of avoda zara is not permitted.

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Y:D 148-1, 11, 151-1, We are not supposed to cause a gentile to enjoy his avoda zara holiday, as it is causing the advancement of avoda zara, how much more that we shouldn’t go to a place to enjoy the avoda zara holiday.

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