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shaving body hair


I have a rash in an area which should not be shaved (more so than the rest of the body) which was not going away so I trimmed the hair in the area to attempt to get rid of it with medication. I trimmed the whole area even though the rash was only on a large part of the area not the whole thing. My question is (assuming that I was allowed to trim there for the purpose of removing a rash) if I am only allowed to shave the exact area of the rash (leaving random areas of hair) or may I remove the whole area being that it is the only area of my body that I shaved and it is clear that I only shaved there because of the rash did I commit a sin
Thank you


Thank you for your question.

You don’t have to only remove the exact area. In the case that you are presenting, since it is on most of the area in question, shaving the rest is not being done in order to look nice, but in order to give yourself more room to rub the ointment inside, to prevent the rash from spreading more, and because it is very unsightly to leave a few patches. Additionally, it is controversial if we can say that since the gentiles do shave over there, that it is permitted. Normally we will not rely on the fact that gentiles shave there, rather it has to be something that is done among Jew who keep the torah. However, in your situation when it is very awkward and for the other reason stated above it would be permitted.


R’ Y. Skotzolas in the name of Rav S. Gross shlit”a

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