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Several seltzer (carbonated water) related questions


1) May one drink seltzer before davening just like water is permitted or not? What about when the seltzer is infused with some sort of artificial flavoring (no sugar)?
2) What about before Havdalah after Shkiyah after Shabbos? Again what about the fake flavored type?
3) If one is not thirsty, and he is drinking seltzer just to hydrate or take a pill, would he make a Shehakol?

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  1. It is permitted to drink seltzer before davening because for this it is considered like water. Regarding flavored seltzer, I am not aware of any commercially sold seltzer that only has artificial flavor, but doesn’t have even an artificial sweeter. These drinks are usually considered like orange flavored soda. Although the poskim nowadays say that drinking a tea even if it has a little sugar and a little milk is not considered gaavah before davening, they also say that drinking a flavored soda is more of an enjoyable drink, and not the norm, and one should not drink it before davening.
  2. According to a number of poskim, seltzer is considered water, and one may drink it before havdlaha. However, if it is flavored even a little bit, it would be like tea and not considered water anymore and one should not drink it before Havdalah.
  3. It is controversial among the contemporary poskim if it s considered water with a little fizz, or if the gas gives a feeling that it has a different taste. Therefore the best thing is to make a bracha on something else,( not water) to be motzei the seltzer. See sources.

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  1. Aruch Hashulchan 89-23 says that it is permitted to drink seltzer or lemonade before davening. See Eishei Yisroel 13 ftnt. 66 who questions if this would also include drinking soda. Your question would seem similar to the lemonade that the Aruch Hashulchan mentioned.
  2. Kovetz Halachos (Shabbos) 1- 23-6 ftnt.7, Nishmas Shabbos 2 -608, Halichos Chaim 1 -293.
  3. No Bracha- Orchos Rabeinu 1 pg. 88,89, Chidushei Basra on M:B 204-42 in the name of gedolim, however he himself argues on this, Nishmas Avrohom vol 1 204-1, quoting R’ Neuwirth zt”l, R Shteinman zt”l ( Aliba Dhilchoso 67pg. 132 column 4, Kovetz Halachos as stated above, Shailas Rav 2 18-7. R’ Y. Belski zt”l make bracha on something else. Bracha- Mbais Levi 17- pg. 46, Pischei Halacha chap. 4 ftnt. 29, Shevet Hakehosi 4-124, Sharei Halacha 18 ftnt. 75, Shalmei Nissan ( Brachos) 89-4 (10).

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