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Moving possessions out of the techum


A married child lives near his parents and occasionally stops by the parents house. If the parents go away to a different city for Shabbos, is the child allowed to take any of the parent’s possessions out of their home, or they may not since the parents are out of the techum? What about if the parents own multiple homes and are not present in some of their homes for many months?


Thank you for your question.

You are bringing up an interesting point. What you mean to ask is that since the parents are out of the techum Shabbos of their possessions, then their possessions cannot be moved. Technically you are correct with your question, however even an object did go out of the techum, it may still move around within 4 amos. Additionally, if the item/person is inside a building or an eruv, the whole area is considered to be like 4 amos. Therefore on a practically level, your question is largely not very applicable, because wherever the person may carry, the item may be moved. There would be a few exceptions though, – taking a garment and wearing it, would be permitted outside an eruv, or carrying things outside on Yom Tov when carrying is permitted. In those instances that there are items that would not be allowed out of the parent’s home, ask them before Shabbos to ay that they are lending everything in the apartment to you for Shabbos, then you would be able to move whatever you like. 

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O:CH 405-6, 397-3, 11, M:B 405-22.


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