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Aluminum lining for CROCK POT USED on SHABBOS


If someone uses a CROCK POT for cHOLENT on Shabbos. Does he/she need to line the CROCK POT with ALUMINUM FOIL between the CERAMIC pot and the heating pot due to HATMANA ISSUES or any other issues in general? Thank you. Are there lenient views RAV FEINSTEIN , Z”L and others. Since the CROCK POT IS not covered completely on top.


Thank you for your question.

The hatmana issue, is indeed a controversial one, and many poskim permit using a crock pot on Shabbos without worrying about the issue of hatmana. However there will still be an issue of chazara- returning a pot to the fire on Shabbos. Therefore if one wants to take cholent on Shabbos eve, he will need to have a lining of thick silver foil inside the crock pot (at least covering the heating element) in order to be able to return the crock back to the pot.

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O:CH 253-2, The Shabbos Kitchen pg. 60.

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