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Mistakenly put chicken with gravy on the palata on Shabbos, were we allowed to eat it?


We warmed up fully cooked chicken and potatoes on a plata on Shabbos and were completely unaware that the chicken pan had a whole bunch of liquid in it (from the chicken, oil..) Unfortunately I believe the liquid reached yad soledes (I tried dipping my finger in and didn’t get burnt yet it was too hot to leave my finger inside.) Did the food become muktza or would it have been acceptable to eat? Also if it was considered muktza is it mutar to eat it now after Shabbos?



Thank you for your question.

Post facto, the chicken is still permitted to eat. The reason why it would potentially be problematic to eat is because of a rule that we may not benefit from melacha that was done on Shabbos. However the poskim write that if the action is subject to a machlokes, then b’dieved we say that it is permitted to use. In your situation, although we are machmir that we don’t heat up cooled liquids on shabbos because we say yesh bishuklachar bishul, since it is the subject of a machlokes, in retrospect the food may be eaten. Regarding Chazora, since there was a blech, (or a no adjustable plata that doesn’t need a blech) it isn’t an issue of prohibiting it because of chazora.


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M:B 318-2, Biur Halacha 318-4 D:H Afilu B’odo rosaich.

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