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Checking Meuzuos after successive injuries


We bought a two family house about a year ago from a rabbinic figure and I assume the mezuzos were properly checked. Recently between us and our tenants we had 3 kids in casts (3 out of 11) in short proximity. Does this justify checking the mezuzos?


B”H between the two families you are both blessed with nice active children.

Regarding your question, if you want to check the mezuzos you can, however that is not the preferred direction for your attention. (Please excuse me, and I don’t mean to be critical, rather I just mean to express what the correct torah hashkafa on this issue should be.) The way that Chazal taught us is that when a person is undergoing difficulties, he should look at his actions, that maybe shomayim is sending him a message, that there is something that he has to correct, and that is the reason for the misfortune. Although there is a chance that it is related to the mezuza, looking to find the cause of the problem in the mezuza will diminish the feeling that there is a need for introspection, as the blame will be thrown onto the mezuza. We know that the Rambam says that when misfortune happens and we say it is natural, that it is considered cruel, because then we won’t look to correct ourselves. Therefore I would say that after you have done the first and important step, only then should you check your mezuzos.

Best wishes and a refuah shleima to everyone.

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