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Chanukah inserts in prayer


1.In Shacharis and Mincha in the Artscroll Siddur there is a gray box titled on Rosh Chodesh and Chol Hamoed (If forgotten, repeat Shemoneh Esrei) does this pertain to Chanukah as well? I’ve prayed today the 2 gray Chanukah paragraphs only. 2. In hallel towards the finally, exists a mini gray paragraph ending with …ואברהם (On Rosh Chodesh may recite the following verse after hallel) does this pertain to Chanukah? 3. In the end of this part, it says the following hallel… and after a flip of a page, on the very top, the heading changed – tilted Mussaf of Rosh Chodesh. A very similar feel to Shemoneh Esrei. Why did the heading change from hallel to Mussaf of Rosh Chodesh? Hallel concluded? I saved all these questions, after all the mix up today. Please clarify, this way I’d be able to catch up properly for the ongoing days ahead. Thank you.


  1. If we forget to say Al hanissin on Chanukah or Purim the halacha is the following. If we have not yet said “Boruch Ato Hashem” at the end of the the bracha then we go back and if we didn’t remember until then we don’t go back. We also do not repeat Shemona Esrei if we forgot Al Hanissim. If we forgot to say Yaaleh V’yavo on Rosh Chodesh during shacharis or mincha, if we already started the next bracha we go back to Ritzai, and if we finished Shemona Esrei then we have to repeat it.
  2. The verses you are referring to after hallel pertain only to Rosh Chodesh, but not to Chanukah.
  3. Hallel ends with the words “melech mehullal b’tishbachot”, after that the siddur has the next part of the davening that is a added especially for Rosh Chodesh (aside for the reading of the torah), therfore that is on the next page, but it is not part of hallel and we don’t say it on Chanukah.
  4. As a side point Chanukah starts tonight at sunset, therefore you should not say al hanissin in Shemona Esrei by today’s mincha.

Have a happy Chanukah


O:Ch 682-1.

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