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Teruma and maaser from one’s own lemon tree.


B”H we just purchased a home in Efrat which has a lemon tree. How would I separate teruma and maaser from the produce if I only pick and use one lemon at a time? Is there a minimum amount one must have to separate teruma and maaser? Thank you!


You would separate from the lemon the same way that you usually separate terumos and maaseros. This would apply even if you eat the lemon in your garden under the tree. The reason is because the lemon has numerous segments and picking even one would be like picking a cluster of grapes, which have the requirement to separate even in the garden.

As a side point when separating maser sheini on a small amount there might be a need to have a eruta chamura, however since this year is the sixth year after shmitta, and we don’t separate maser sheini, rather maser oni, therefore for this year it isn’t applicable

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Mishpitei Eretz (Terumos) 7- 26,27.

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