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Travelling on Chanuka


I’m a woman travelling on Chanuka. Leaving Sunday afternoon, arriving at destination in non-jewish hotel at night, stay at the same non-jewish hotel Monday and return home be”H on Tuesday again leaving mid afternoon and arriving at home late evening.
Do I have to light the Menorah myself? Do I rely on my husband lighting at home? If I have to light myself, how long do I need to let it burn and when do I light on Sunday and tuesday?
Is there anything else I need to be aware of?
Thank you so much
A freilichen Chanuka,



From reading your question it seems that you are married. In that case your husband is motzei you with his lighting and you would not have to light in the hotel.

A freilichin Chanukah


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  1. I will be in a different time zone, going from Austria to Manchester which is an hour earlier. I have no idea about the hotel regulations concerning the lighting of candles in the rooms
    Thank you!

    1. See update to answer of your question. Since you are married, there is no need for you to light since your husband will include you in his bracha. regarding the time zone, that is not an issue here.
      A feilichin Chanukah

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