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Proper inserts for after foods and Benching Intro:


1. Blessing after other foods. You apply a bracha to the proper category. This part is clear. This is where things get a little more deeper and challenging. For illustration, Ravioli. Before eating we say: Borei Minie Mezonons. If proper portion of dough was eaten say Al Hamichya. Otherwise, say Borei nefashos (as long as the proper filling was eaten combined with dough). Can you elaborate on the after eaten section (how it’s calculated accordingly.) 2. How does after meals work? Benching. Can you give an introduction to what kind of meals are considered/or would fit into that section correctly. I’d like to start the benching level, if possible to explain the process a little. Thank you.


  1. Here are some of the general halachos regarding bracha achronal. The general rule is that in order to make a bracha achronal, we have to eat the amount equal to an ounce (a kzayis- olives worth) within 4-5 minutes. The reason for this is because then it is considered having eaten something that is satisfying, however if we ate slower than that it isn’t considered a prominent eating and we don’t make a bracha achrona. For example, a person that was noshing potato chips slowly, if a kzayis wasn’t eaten withi 4-5 minutes no bracha achronal is said.

Another halacha, when calculating a kzayis of cake etc., the custom is to make al hamichya even if it isn’t a kzayis of flour, and we will include the sugar, chocolate and other spices to be part of the volume, because they help give the flour taste. (There are scrupulous individuals that are careful to eat a kzayis of flour without includingthe spices). However, if the cake is filled with an outside item that isn’t part of the “dough” of the cake, such as with ravioli, “kreplach” a cherry pie etc. then we will only include the crust or dough part of the cake to make al hamichya. Additionally, we would have to eat a kzayis of the dough part within the prescribed amount of time, in order to make al hamichya. Otherwise, as you write, if we didn’t eat a kzayis of “dough”, rather it was a kzayis between the dough part and the filling part, then the bracha achronal would be borei nefashos.

  1. Regarding “bentching” we only bentch after eating a bread meal, and when we ate a kzayis of bread within 4-5 minutes. Additionally, if a person ate a large amount of cake (more than 250 grams) then it is controversial if bentching is required. Therefore it is preferable to avoid eating that amount of cake at one time, (it will also be good for your diet) in order to avoid this issue.



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