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A question (Doubt) from torah


Shalom, I heard once from a rabbi who says that Lili was actually Chavah’s daughter with Narash, and that after the separation of Adam and Chavah, he had a relationship with her and the Lilins were born, is that true? if so where is this Midrashim written? could you help me with that dear Rabbi

Thank you very much in advance


Thank you for your question.

I cannot comment on what you heard from this Rabbi, as I am not familiar with the terms he is using. What I can say, is that the gemora Eruvin 18b says that after the sin of Adom and Chava, that Adom separated himself from Chava for 130 years, and there were drops of seed that he involuntarily lost as a result. It was from these drops that these negative forces were created. According to this gemora, Chava had nothing to do with this.

Best wishes

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